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The 31-7 Cavaliers will play the 31-8 Lakers tonight in the greatest regular season game in history until they play again next month.

The contest also features the current MVP vs. the guy who is currently the MVP. I know the Horse said Kobe deserves his second trophy in a row, but if the Cavaliers win their first division title in 13 years and the big guy continues to crab dribble all over the Eastern Conference, you gotta think that LeBron is the favorite for this year's award. But tonight we find out "who is really the best," because nothing would prove that better than a non-conference game in January.


The Cavs are undefeated at home, but 11-7 on the road, but have won five in a row against L.A., but the Ravens lost last night and they also wear purple so that must mean something. But the scoring ... oh, the scoring. Pray for an "anything you can do, I can do better" showdown, and set your alarm (game starts at 10:30 ET), so you don't miss the inauguration tomorrow.

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