Korean Bat-Flipping Hero Might Come To MLB

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You might remember back in July we brought you the tale of Hwang Jae-gyun and his tremendous bat flip. It’s right there, at the top. Note his sense of dramatic timing, his coiled, arching, yet nonchalant flip. This here is a man who knows how to flip a bat.

And now he might be coming to America’s shores, to piss off our country’s cranky baseball vanguard. According to The Korea Times, Hwang has declared his intention to come test the market. He told the Times:

“Any baseball player would dream of playing in the majors,” the 28-year-old said. “And I have been working hard to realize that dream myself. I’ve already signed on with an American management company.”


Hwang plays third base for the Lotte Giants. Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) teams may post one player per offseason for a silent auction amongst MLB teams. Once they are signed, their former KBO team gets a fee. Both Hwang and teammate Son Ah-seop have requested posting, which means only one will get to leave.

Hwang is the more powerful of the two, hitting 26 HRs, 97 RBIs, and a .290 average. Son on the other hand is a right fielder with a career .323 average. He also punishes bat flippers.

Posting fees can reach into the millions, and you’d expect them to for either of these KBO players. Hwang is 28 and Son is 27.