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NASCAR yanked Kyle Busch's keys after his reckless attack under yellow on Ron Hornaday during Friday's Camping World Truck Series race at Texas Motor Speedway.

While the race was under caution, Busch plowed Hornaday into the wall and effectively ended his quest for a NASCAR truck championship (Hornaday entered the race only 15 points behind the leader). It came moments after the caution came out for a jostling of Busch & Hornaday's trucks that brought both into contact with the wall.


Fellow NASCAR drivers immediately reacted on Twitter, with Jeff Gordon asking what it was about Texas Motor Speedway that made drivers "lose they're mind" and Brad Keselowski calling Busch's intentional wreck "rediculous".

It was reckless, could have killed someone, and probably cost Ron Hornaday a lot of money. But was Kyle Busch sorry?

If everybody wants to say Hornaday is racing for a championship, roll over, that's not my fashion. That's not anybody else's fashion out here.

Nobody's calling for you to roll over, Kyle. They're just asking you not to wreck people on purpose. [AP, SPEED]

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