Kyle Korver Just Wants To Live, Man

One of the fun things about LeBron James is that he is so impossibly big, fast, and strong that he can turn a crunch-time possession in a playoff game, one which his opponents desperately needed to end with a stop, into a basic fight-or-flight situation.


Look at Kyle Korver. He’s got decades of basketball knowledge ingrained deep in his skin and bones, all of it telling him exactly what the stakes are. He knows that his team has to get a stop here in order to still have a chance at winning, that it’s up to him to rotate into the paint should LeBron get past his man, that he has to do something—take a charge, tackle LeBron—in order to prevent the Cavs from getting two points. And there he goes, just darting right out of the way, proving that we can never really escape our base instincts and the urge to survive.