Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

• Kyle Lohse Was Just Missing A Shingle Thing In Today's Tony La Russa Impersonation
• Kyle Lohse Shingles Out La Russa For Impersonation
• Kyle Lohse Puts The Final Shingle On His La Russa Impersonation
• Shingle File: Today In Tony La Russa Impersonations
• Living Shingle: Kyle Lohse Does Tony La Russa
• Kyle Lohse Hangs Out His Shingle For Tony La Russa Impersonations
• Lohse's La Russa Impressions Are Lesion
• Lohse Nearly Goes For Cycle, Misses Shingle In His La Russa Impersonation


And finally,
• Shingles Is A Painful And Potentially Serious Disease That We Should Not Joke About, You Guys


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Video via Fox Sports Midwest, mostly.

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