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Kyle Lowry Calls Trump's Muslim Ban "Bullshit" Many Times Over

Toronto Raptors guard Kyle Lowry was asked today for his thoughts on Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, seeing as how the NBA has produced fantastic responses like Steve Kerr’s and Gregg Popovich’s to the president’s executive order. Lowry was more to the point.

“I think it’s bullshit,” Lowry said. “I think it’s absolute bullshit.” He called Trump’s executive order “bullshit” two more times at the end of his sentiment. When asked by a media member if he wanted to try answering again without swearing, Lowry declined. “Y’all gotta bleep that out,” he said. “That’s how I feel about it.”


Lowry eventually added to his thoughts and praised Popovich, Kerr, and Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy for speaking their minds, calling them “trendsetters.” He admitted that he wasn’t a political expert, but said Trump’s action bothered him and he felt like he should speak out about it because it affects the world he lives in.

“With the NBA players, I think a lot of us go out there and—people don’t know that we do pay attention to everything. We care about our lives, our world. We care about our children growing up in this situation.”

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