Cubs rookie Kyle Schwarber is now best known as the guy who mashed a tater onto the top of the Wrigley Field video board, but socking prodigious dingers isn’t his only skill. Back when Schwarber was a student at Middletown High in Ohio, he was a key member of the school’s award-winning show choir.

The video above is from a 2010 concert put on by Schwarber’s old choir, called the Purple Pizzazz. Schwarber’s at the center of the group of dudes on the right, and as you can see, he totally nailed his choreography.


In this clip, you can see Schwarber doing work on the far right of the screen, in the second row:

Schwarber was a junior when these videos were taken, and he stuck with the choir all the way through his senior year. He even got written up in the local paper:

Kyle Schwarber dances front and center. The senior’s performance at the high school’s POPS Concert on Thursday was his last with Purple Pizzazz.

It was a natural time to look back.

“I was the guy who was struggling to pick up the dance steps — I couldn’t really sing,” Schwarber said of his initial experiences with the group.

An acclaimed varsity athlete on the Middies’ football and baseball teams, he eventually found his stride.

“I wouldn’t take it back,” he said. “It’s probably one of the better experiences of being in high school.”


A big lug of a ballplayer who hits baseballs into space and loves show choir is exactly the kind of ballplayer I want to root for.

h/t Andy