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Kyle Seager Trolled Jered Weaver Into Getting Ejected

You probably won’t see a beanball more obviously deliberate than the one Jered Weaver laid on Kyle Seager in last night’s 3-1 Mariners win. Or one more nonchalant.

After taking the first pitch of his fifth-inning at-bat, Seager stepped out of the box. (He’s not supposed to do that with MLB’s new pace-of-game rules, but it hasn’t been strictly enforced.) But what really got Weaver was Seager asking for time when he dug back in. The hand motions from both players are great here. What are you doing? What are you doing?


When everyone reset, Seager called time again. He made a production of it, too; he did it just to piss off Weaver. So Weaver hit him.

Weaver’s not the fireballer he used to be, but he’s still touched 89 this year. So an 83 mph fastball in the upper arm wasn’t intended to injure. Doesn’t matter. Weaver was ejected. Seager couldn’t help but gloat a bit.

“It definitely escalated and he handled it the way he wanted to. But from my perspective he quit on his team and I didn’t quit on mine,” Seager said.

“If you hit me there it was pretty obvious what was going to happen, he was going to be out of the game. I guess he was tired of pitching.”

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