My sports bar of choice when in the Los Angeles area? Big Wangs, of course. Now with two locations โ€” Hollywood and North Hollywood โ€” making it more convenient to head on over to watch Game 5 of the NLCS, and enjoy a heaping basket of Wangs Wings. Of course, if you're planning on wearing your Dodgers jersey in the establishment, be prepared to be thrown out on your keester. That's right: No Dodgers gear allowed. Wait, what? My friend Anita, the manager of the North Hollywood Wangs, explains: "We had a huge altercation recently involving a bunch of guys in Dodgers jerseys," Anita told me by phone. "It was a huge fight. There were girls in here, and they were all scared. We didn't want that to happen again, so we decided it would be best to just ban all Dodgers jerseys." ME: "So, if I wear my Dodgers hat, I'll be thrown out?" ANITA: "Unfortunately yes," ME: "What about my Barry Zito jersey?" ANITA: "That's the Giants, right? Giants gear is OK." ME: "What? A Giants hat is OK in a Hollywood sports bar, but no Dodgers stuff?" ANITA: "Well, the reason ..." ME: "We're through the looking glass, Anita!" ANITA: "To be honest, most of the guys [involved in the altercation] were gangsters. They were all wearing Dodgers stuff, and they come in here and cause trouble a lot. We don't discriminate due to race or color, so we decided that banning the Dodgers gear was the best way to handle it. We have a regular clientele that likes to come in here, and we want them to feel safe. A lot of girls come here to hang out." ME: "I hadn't noticed.*" ANITA: "We want them to feel safe here. I know it's not the popular thing to do, with the playoffs going on and everything, for people to say, oh, they don't allow Dodgers stuff. But we felt it was the best thing." ME: "If the Dodgers make the World Series, I'll be coming in. And full disclosure, I'll be wearing Dodgers underwear." ANITA: "That's fine." ME: "Stickin' it to 'The Man!' " ANITA: "That's no problem." Anita didn't say if business had dropped off due to the ban, or what the implications were for those who come in wearing Raiders gear, which I'm told is much more favored with the gang types. And what if an actual Dodger โ€” say, Steve Sax โ€” comes in? Is he automatically ejected no matter what he's wearing? Stay tuned to this developing story. * = May be a lie. LA Bar Bans Fans From Wearing Dodgers Gear [Your Face Is A Sports Blog]