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Lacrosse Dad Sues Coaches For Not Playing His Son

Lacrosse: still the worst. The latest piece of evidence in support of this statement comes to us from the lacrosse fields of North Texas, where one man has filed a RICO lawsuit against the owners of the Dallas Lacrosse Academy, whom he claims are intimidating, threatening, and extorting players into attending their lacrosse camps. His evidence? One of the coaches at the academy didn't let the plaintiff's son play in all of the varsity games during his junior year of high school.

The lawsuit was filed by an attorney named William Munck on behalf of his son, Billy Munck. The elder Munck is a coach at another Texas lacrosse academy, known as LoneStar, that is a direct competitor of the Dallas Lacrosse Academy. The suit alleges that Billy's high school coach, Kevin Barnicle, has a financial stake in the Dallas Lacrosse Academy, and urged Billy to start attending camps there instead of at LoneStar. When Billy refused, Barnicle allegedly punished him by cutting his playing time on the high school team. As a junior, poor Billy only played in nine of the 11 varsity games he dressed for, and didn't even receive a letter at the end of the year.


Basically, a lacrosse dad got upset because his son's high school coach wasn't playing his kid enough, so he hit the coach and all his buddies—all coaches at lacrosse dad's rival academy—with a goddamn racketeering lawsuit. And just so we're clear on how nuts lacrosse dads are, all of this shit allegedly went down back in 2010. The lawsuit was filed last month. I'm sure the Dallas Lacrosse Academy is run by a bunch of shady assholes, because I assume all people who are that deeply involved in lacrosse are the worst, but damn, dude, this is not a good look.

The only good thing to come out of this lawsuit is the following paragraph from the defendants' motion to dismiss:


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