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Krystal Atwater/NFL

The NFL is in Boca Raton this week for its annual meetings, and that means it’s time for the head coaches to get together for their group photo. (Click here for full resolution.) I don’t recognize a lot of these guys! But that’s always how it is with new coaches: you can’t truly get to know their faces until you see them sulk after blowing a challenge.

So what’ve we got! Well, there’s Rex Ryan, being the only one to rock his team’s gear. There’s Bruce Arians in his Kangol hat—it’s like the story girl with the yellow ribbon, if you take it off his brains will fall out. There’s Jeff Fisher, leaning into John Fox and looking like a man eager to become your stepdad.


If you’ve counted, you’ll note there are four coaches missing. We specifically asked the NFL about Andy Reid, because his Hawaiian shirts are reliably the best part of past group photos. The league spokesperson told us Andy didn’t go to Florida as he recovers from knee replacement surgery.

Bill Belichick isn’t there; he never does these things. No idea where Jason Garrett is. The fourth and final absence is Sean Payton, and this is as good a theory as anything:


Photo credit: Krystal Atwater/NFL

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