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Yet another reason we have the best readers in the world here at Deadspin: We asked you for info on Greg Gall, the Cincinnati guy who ran on the field and took the ball away from Brett Favre yesterday, and man, did you ever come through.

Sometimes, even, a little too much: As tempted as we might be to post his phone number and/or home address, that's a level we're not willing to sink to. (Yet. We are told it's two-bedroom and one-bath, however, and we have respect for the frugal price he paid for the place.) But we can tell you that, from all accounts, the number of people who have met Gall and are surprised that he would pull a stunt like that number zero.

A couple choice quotes:

"Greg Gall is a native Cincinnatian who attended Indian Hill High School and graduated in 1993. His last arrest occurred in 1995 when he smashed a beer bottle across a guy's head." (Note: Deadspin has been unable to confirm that arrest.)


"He's the type of guy who only dates bartenders."

"He is a LEGENDARY moron, and is one of the funniest people I have ever met."

In other words, exactly what we suspected. We will actually be in Cincinnati in a month or so, and we're going to spend a night out drinking. We're saying there's a 47 percent chance we run into him.


Thanks, gang!

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