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Chad Ochocinco proposed to model/TV person/Antoine Walker-dater Evelyn Lozada back in November of 2010, with the wedding set for next week. But the details of the actual proposal have gone shrouded in secrecy, until Lozada spilled the beans on a radio interview last week.

Evelyn, how did Chad propose to you?

"I wish I had a really romantic story to tell you, but it's not so romantic. A jeweler came to the house, had a few rings, he had my ring in a separate box. I, of course, chose that one. [Chad] had a headset on and he was like, ‘You like it?' and I was like, 'Yep' and I put it on and he goes, 'Okay cool,' and he started playing Call of Duty."


You know what? If he's not giving into the cultural pressure to make a big deal about a proposal, and she's cool with him not making it a big thing, then they're both mature people really secure in their relationship. Or the marriage is just a thing to get them a TV show. One or the other.

[Egypt Said So, via SportsGrid]

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