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Lady Ejected From Soccer Game For Baring Her Bosom Defiantly Bares Her Bosom Again In Protest

This here video is of Santos Laguna of Torreon and Monterrey playing for the Apertura 2010 title in Mexico. Seems as if Santos takes a 3-2 lead on a pretty marvelous own goal [updated] with just few minutes left.


The cameras then go to the stands, from which a free spirit is being ejected amid confetti. She temporarily lowers her top to the approval of fellow fans and to the sheer delight of the announcers. However, due to pesky Mexican television rules, they didn't show the directora's cut of her ejection: After some air-bangin', she apparently flashed the pitch and then the stands.

Ah, bueno.

But please don't get any ideas, Ravens fans.

(H/T Bob's Blitz)

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