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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Don Landrigan, who blogs about the L.A. Lakers at, lives with his family on the southernmost of Japan's main islands. What that means is he's not in the heart of earthquake-and-tsunami disaster zone, but his take on the subsequent devastation doesn't match what he calls "half-crazed ramblings" about hoops.

When listening to media reports just remember: the simple fact is, that no-one fully knows or understands what's going on in Fukushima at the nuclear reactors. The best source of information on that is the Japanese govt., and at this point in time I'm not going to go with the sensationalism you'll see in various "news blogs" and "twitter experts" that the Japanese government lying or covering things up.

In lieu of having any real information, waiting and seeing with a dose of caution is probably the most appropriate stance.


He has two posts up at this point, and writes that he'll add more when he's able.

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(H/T Brian Milne of BallHyped)

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