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The other major sporting event free of the incessant buzz of the vuvuzela in The Garden. Prepare for action shots of Maria Menounos attempting to trip Lamar Odom. [Image courtesy the brilliant]

If you've got something to yap about, by all means use the space below to have frank discussions about anything sports-related or otherwise: the muggy weather, the way the new Skechers make your calves bulge, your inability to please her, even though you've tried to get that problem fixed through your primary physician. It should be an open forum for you to chat with other funny-named people about anything you want. Do not fear the Ninjas. They rest on Sundays.


Oh, and can someone help out my Dad?

Subject: Poop pants

aj,the leader of the st jude classic golf tourname is a guy named garrigus who looks like he messed his pants.check it out dad

Get on that vermin, #tips or Subject "Poop pants," I guess.


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin's lazy river weekends. See you tomorrow, or later this evening should something funky happen. xoxo, ajd.

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