Lamar Odom, Just Involved In An Accident That Killed A 15-Year-Old, Is Spokesman For "Life Insurance Awareness Month"

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Per the website of LIFE Foundation: A Non-Profit Organization, "beginning in August, [Lamar] Odom's story will be broadcast nationally in TV and radio public service announcements (PSAs). The PSAs will also be available on LIFE's website during the September campaign at Include links to LIFE's homepage in all of your emails to make sure your clients and prospects see Lamar's powerful message."

That why-you-should-buy-life-insurance story?

"I'm sure my mom didn't think she would die at age 35, but that didn't stop her from doing the responsible thing and buying life insurance," said Lamar. "Her wise decision gave me the foundation to move on in my life, and played a big role in making me the person I am today. When I began my pro career, one of the first things I did was buy life insurance to make sure that my loved ones would always be taken care of. I'm proud to be working with the LIFE Foundation to share my story and to hopefully get more Americans to do the kind of smart planning that my mom did."


Noble message. There's video of "Lamar Odom's Life Insurance Story" available on this website. Be forewarned, however; it's "For the education of producers only. Not for use with the public." (H/T Rocky)

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