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Lamar Odom Makes First Appearance After Overdose, At Kanye West's Fashion Show

Illustration for article titled Lamar Odom Makes First Appearance After Overdose, At Kanye Wests Fashion Show

Lamar Odom looks to be in remarkably good shape, considering no one knew if he’d survive in the immediate aftermath of an October drug overdose which put him in a coma for four days. Yesterday was his first public appearance since his hospitalization, showing up with wife Khloe Kardashian and her family for Kanye West’s fashion show at Madison Square Garden.


After flying from Los Angeles to New York by private jet Wednesday night, Odom was walked to his seat by West, to cheers from the crowd:

Odom was moved from the hospital to a private rehab facility in January, though after suffering multiple strokes, it’s unlikely his cognitive functions will ever fully return to previous levels. But he’s getting better. The best reporting on Odom’s condition likely comes from TMZ, which is close to the Kardashians. Here’s how TMZ described Odom’s recovery three days ago:

He’s able to process thoughts, speak them and carry on conversations.

Lamar had significant problems recognizing people — even family members — for several months after he was rushed to the hospital. But now his recall is back.

We’re told Lamar’s not completely back. He’s still “a bit slow,” and has memory lapses and sometimes has problems speaking. But the issues are subtle.

As for the hike, we’re told his goal is to be able to run again. He’s not there, but he’s determined and believes he still has a shot at playing basketball again.

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