In a cruel showcase of remarkable self control, LeBron James pulled back from what would have been a pulse-pounding hardcore dunk early in his game tonight against the Hornets, working the crowd into an edge-of-their-seats heat without ever allowing them release. All because of a dumb foul.

In the first quarter, LeBron drove easily past Dwayne Bacon, leaped, and readied himself to strike awe in all who were watching. But a little tap from Bacon as James blew by was enough to spark a whistle, and that cut LeBron off in mid flight.

James didn’t seem any happier about it than we were, to be honest. But at the same time, we’ve seen this type of LeBron slam plenty of times in the past—any basketball fan can just close their eyes and imagine the ending.


And because the King never leaves you hanging for long, he gave us an even better dunk soon after:


Balance is restored to the universe.