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LaMichael James's New Ride Is Raising Some Questions

Oregon's LaMichael James wasn't in Oprah's audience, but he does have — A NEW CAR!!! It's kind of shady too. You know what? No one's eligible. Disqualify everyone. Nobody wins the Heisman or the National Championship.

Maybe the situation in Eugene isn't nearly as incriminating as the Cam Newton shitstorm, but it was still enough for the NCAA to fly in an investigator. Willamette Week reports that the questions surround James's new car, a 2003 Range Rover.


The NCAA interviewed Pernell Brown, a gang-outreach worker who says he's James's uncle (although when pushed further, he admits he's not actually related). He describes himself as a friend of the family who looks after James out in Oregon.

Looking after him apparently includes buying a new vehicle to trade with James. Brown says James was concerned about a "stalker" leaving notes on his 2000 Ford Mustang, so Brown bought the Range Rover with $17,000 in cash, and he and James switched cars.

(Photos: Pernell Brown/James Pitkin, courtesy Willamette Week)

That's not violating any NCAA regulations, but it does sound like the kind of tortured process countless amateurs have used to cover up or get around doing something illegal.


UO officials say they believe the NCAA has concluded their investigation and found nothing untoward, but the NCAA says it won't comment on "current, pending or potential investigations." So get ready for the next phase of any NCAA investigation: uninformed gossip!

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