He's an asshole and he deserves to be shit on. Whether or not he actually merits being thrown in jail and having his penis electrocuted is of little concern to me. Once you cross into Extreme Asshole territory, you invite people to throw rationality out the window. It becomes an intensely personal matter. Your crime becomes superfluous. You are now being punished for being YOU. We are not a society that tolerates people who are both successful AND are jerks about it. And we have a thin-skinned national media that takes being lied to oh so very personally. You don't want to humiliate self-loathing media folks like that. They'll drone on for AGES about how you duped them, and then they'll hound you to the gates of Hell for daring to make them look stupid.

Long ago, while he was still in public denial, Lance Armstrong said that he was the target of a witch hunt. And he was right. But when you're as big of an asshole as he was, you invite the lynch mob to your door. If you're gonna cheat, cheat with a smile on your face.