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Lane Kiffin In Tuscaloosa Bar Strikes Fear In The Hearts Of 'Bama Fans

Reader Daniel sends along this picture, noting it was supposedly taken in a Tuscaloosa bar after Nick Saban invited the oft-fired coach to evaluate the Crimson Tide offense the previous week. Sabes said the invite was just for his own edification, he admires Lane's offensive prowess, but the invite—and now perhaps the length of his stay—has got Tide fans scared shitless. As Daniel mentions, "[e]veryone is in panic mode that he is being added to the staff." If we, as Americans, have even one single lucky bone in our bodies this will happen.

Because there is only one way Lane Kiffin at Alabama could possibly end and it would be the greatest thing in the history of the world. Like, sending-Nick-Saban's-head-into-orbit great.


Yeah, just like that.

Update: Reader Michael writes in to say that he and his buddy are the two guys in the photo with Lane. He says they tried to offer to buy Kiffin a drink, to which he responded: "I may not have a job, but I have money."

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