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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Lane Kiffin Shows His Acting Chops During Surprise Scholarship Prank

The walk-on scholarship surprise is a well-trodden genre at this point, but what better way to inject some life back into it than to give Lane Kiffin license to really chew up some scenery?


At a recent practice, Kiffin called out senior FAU running back Gerald Hearns for not going to yoga class. Kiffin, needing to convince Hearns that he was in big trouble, leaned into his rant with all sorts of aggressive arm motions and pissy faces. Just as things were starting to get away from him, he hit Hearns with the big reveal:

Watching a sweaty Lane Kiffin whinge in the hot Florida sun is not exactly a fun experience, but any video that ends with a bunch of happy football players jumping into a scrum together is a good video.

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