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Lane Kiffin's Wild Boyz Are So Hot Right Now

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Yes, that photo is exactly what it looks like. The Tennessee Volunteers turning Deadspin into OutSports.


It seems Lane Kiffin rewarded those players who kept in shape over the summer by letting them pose for the team poster. It also seems that bare chests and muscle cars are mandatory in Kiffin's "gift." Honestly, if it weren't for Layla Kiffin's existence, I'd question whether there really is a team poster at all.

Since I know you watched the video the whole way through, I don't need to tell you that's SS Eric Berry up front wearing the Junkyard Dog chain and waxing that puke orange Lamborghini with his ass. I'm sure that's some kind of recruiting violation.


It's good to see the 2010 ambiguously gay recruiting wars have started up early. Urban Meyer's going to have to counter by having his quarterback pose with countless gorgeous women, but publicly admit he hasn't slept with a single one. Oh wait.

Tennessee Football Players Pose With One Big Orange Hot Rod [WVLT]
(God, even that headline's suggestive.)

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