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Larry Brown Has A New Job

With Allen Iverson having moved on to much, much greener pastures, Larry Brown is now officially back with the Philadelphia 76ers. He had been doing some unofficial consulting for a while, but now has the official Executive Vice President title. I don't know how much that job pays, but Isiah Thomas has offered to chip in about $18.5 million. Nice guy, that Isiah.

Brown has a history in Philadelphia, being the only guy who's ever shown he was capable of building a quality team around Allen Iverson. Of course, the downside to that is that Brown traded away a ton of draft picks and signed some veterans to ridiculous deals in the process, and that seems like just the kind of thing the Sixers should be looking to avoid.


Also noted in the same article is that the Sixers are trying to buy out the contract of Chris Webber, who is averaging 11 points per game and is scheduled to make about $43 million over the next two years.

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