Larry Fitzgerald: Inspiration to Amputees Everywhere

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The healing process works like this:
1. Lose a leg.
2. Visually dedicate the replacement prosthetic to a great wide receiver.
3. Somehow meet that great wide receiver; get him to autograph and photograph your prosthetic (possibly at the Paradise Valley, Az. mall).
4. Said wide receiver will then post, via Twitter, this ...

Best pic of the day.Someone had a prosthetic done w/ my picture on it! Cards fans show me so much love! AWESOME

... and this ...


I think Vivian_MP said it best: "Even non athletic ppl look up to u. Ur a great ex. to young kids n adults. Thx Fitz we luv ya maaan!" We'll check back in with Vivian_MP once defenses figure out that they needn't look up to Fitz as much now that Boldin isn't distracting them.