Over the weekend, we were discussing LeBron James with a friend of ours. Specifically, we were discussing whether or not it was fair of us, on this here site, to brush off any notion of unfairness about LeBron's late game exploits by saying, "if you want us to drink your shitty sports drink, you must make your peace with it." That is to say: When it's clearly vital for LeBron to be known as a global superstar on the Michael Jordan level, he should be prepared to live with criticisms — unfair or not — when he's not able to live up to that on-court level. Whether we were right or wrong, we think it's safe to say that LeBron might have sold some more shitty sports drinks last night.

The Cavs evened their series with the Pistons last night, thanks mostly to LeBron's fourth-quarter dominance and rookie Daniel Gibson, who whose penis has never, in fact, fallen out of his gym shorts. We are still not convinced the Cavaliers are going to pull this off, but, as Free Darko said, LeBron's the only guy who can make these playoffs matter, so we might have no choice.


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