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Larry Johnson Goes Chasing Old Waterfalls To Brighten His Dark Days

The Kansas City Chiefs' disgruntled running back Larry Johnson is taking another chance at romance. Hopefully, this new relationship won't end with spit-covered faces or messy restraining orders. His next victim? That TLC lady.

The 29-year-old Johnson and the 37-year-old "Chili" apparently hooked up some time in the last month and were all over each other at the NBA All-Star gala. Or they just simply posed for this photo together and are really just close friends who have no interest in seeing each other naked. But Tony's Kansas City (via The Big Lead) says that these two are totally banging.


This is probably good news for Johnson because according to Seth Wickersham's ESPN the Mag article on, we're currently smack dab in the middle of LJ's Blue Period:

That look, right there. That's the one. That look is what makes talking with Larry Johnson so tough. He gives it without warning, like now, while he nibbles on hot wings in a Times Square restaurant as someone asks him to name his best friends.

"Don't have any best friends."

Okay-in an emergency, who would you call?

"My brother or my dad. I wouldn't call anybody on the team."

Or maybe he was just being a dick to the random guy asking him who his best friends were while he was trying to eat wings.

Everyone Wants To See Larry Johnson Fail [ESPN The Mag]

*NOTE: The ESPN The Mag article was actually from 2005. Fix your archives ESPN.


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