Larry Johnson's Bewildering Denial

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So, what do we know about Chiefs running back Larry Johnson? He's probably a little overworked, he went through a nasty contract battle in the offseason and he's best pals with Jay-Z. So when we listen to his the big alleged Larry Johnson anti-Chiefs rant that's all the rage this morning, we are bewildered by his denials.

To remind, here's what the song says:

Can I come back? Can I come back? And if ya'll don't pay my money I ain't never comin' back. So fuck dat. They say should I be scared cuz Pri-Ho (presumably Priest Holmes) coming back, he embarrassing himself. So I'm a say it, I'm a leave it like that. Cuz I'm the n____ runnin this mutherfucker here.

Fuck Carl Peterson, the GM is running it. They see me. They want to treat me like I'm running it. I wouldn't give a fuck if I'm not coming back. I'd rather play for another team because I'd rather be a running back.


Johnson says not only that it's not him (which is possible), but that it's just some random person impersonating his voice (which isn't). There are pictures of Johnson all over the site, and the band members even point out, as if to "clarify," that even though Johnson does rap with the group, he's not a full-fledged member.

Johnson can claim it's not him on that audio, even though he has connections with the group, pictures of himself on the site and the voice sounds amazingly like his. He can pretend that it's just random people doing Larry Johnson impersonations. He can even say he doesn't know anything about it. But he's lying.


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