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Illustration for article titled Las Vegas Sportscaster Arrested For Allegedly Masturbating At Bar, Says He Was Scratching A Rash
Image: KTNV

KSNV News 3 sportscaster Randy Howe was arrested Tuesday morning for allegedly masturbating at an unnamed bar in North Las Vegas, according to a police report obtained by the Las Vegas Sun. Police have charged him with indecent exposure and open gross lewdness.


Howe, who was bailed out of jail the same day, put up a defense:

Howe insisted he was not masturbating, saying he had a severe rash and was scratching himself, the report said. He said he “probably shouldn’t have been scratching himself at the bar and that it was a bad decision,” according to the report.


Working against his explanation is that an employee at the bar told police Howe walked to the bathroom with his dick out. Also, the establishment had a camera:

An employee at the unidentified tavern called police about 9:15 a.m. to report that a patron sitting at a slot machine at the bar had allegedly been masturbating, according to the report.

A worker told responding officers they noticed the patron display “strange behavior,” which included walking to the bathroom with his penis outside his pants, police said.

Surveillance video reviewed by police showed the patron unzip his pants and fondle himself, according to the report.

Howe reportedly hadn’t been served any alcohol, just an energy drink. Per the Las Vegas Review-Journal, employees told police this wasn’t the first time they had seen Howe masturbate there, but didn’t report it because they were hoping it was only a one-time thing.

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