Welcome back, everybody. It's 2009. Crazy. Time to make your voice heard, while you can.

We have entered the final weekend of SHOTY voting, so we all thought we'd take a moment to remind you to vote, if you haven't, and update you on how voting is going. Polls will close at 12:01 ET Monday morning. Here's where the count stands:

Baby Mangino 75 percent, Isiah Thomas 25 percent.

And: Erin Andrews 55 percent, Buzz Bissinger 45 percent.


It's worth noting that at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Bissinger was up on Andrews by a Franken-esque two votes. At 7 p.m.? Andrews was up by 1,300 votes. Take from that what you will. But there is still time.

So vote. That's how we're all spending our weekend.