Last Chance U Coach Told German Player "I'm Your New Hitler" In Texts About Discipline

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A German student at Independence Community College is accusing head football coach Jason Brown of referring to himself as “your new Hitler” through a text exchange. Alexandros Alexiou, the student in question, posted a screenshot of the texts on social media which included Brown cutting Alexiou from the team, calling him a “German [some expletive beginning with “f”]” and revoking his scholarship.

The Montgomery County Chronicle reports that the conversation happened following a meeting that Alexiou had with athletic director Tammy Geldenhuys. The redshirt freshman was meeting with Geldenhuys in response to a suspension he received from the team a week before related to “several department-related issues.” The AD suggested he wait a couple days before voicing his concerns to his coaches.


Soon after the conversation, Alexiou received a text from Brown on Feb. 12 saying that he had earned 17 points. That was in reference to the team’s disciplinary point system. Players can earn points for a variety of reasons—tardiness, fighting, etc.—but once someone reaches 25, they’re kicked off the team. Alexiou appeared to reach that in a matter of 32 minutes.

In a canned statement sent to KOAM News Now, ICC President Dan Barwick said that the school “does not condone the language” the coach used in those messages. Barwick added that he had a conversation with Brown about the incident and that an investigation into what happened is currently underway. Brown had no comment.


Brown’s second season as coach at ICC was highlighted in the third season of the Netflix show Last Chance U, which follows junior college programs that are usually full of players that didn’t make it onto Division-I programs for a variety of reasons. That season of the program showed a lot of Brown’s aggressive, confrontational personality. Somehow, the powers that be believed that this kind of character was entertaining enough to warrant a second season that just wrapped up filming.


While this story doesn’t necessarily do anything to drum up hype for the show, it does make potential deleted scenes from episodes focusing on this coach that much more interesting. If that’s what he’s willing to say over text message, one can only imagine the stuff that comes out of his mouth during a practice that he doesn’t want the cameras to hear.

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