Last Night's Winner: Football, As Usual

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In sports, everyone is a winner—some people just win better than others. They might have even won NBA or NHL playoff games last night, but who really knows? Let's talk about games that happen five months from now!

It's not news that the NFL is the big dog on the sports block, but is our obsession with football's future blinding us to the sports present? The top story on Fox Sports today is Kobe Bryant's Game 2 performance against the Thunder. No. 2? The Giants-Colts game on September 19. (Does that even crack the Top 10 of next season's most intriguing matchups?) The rest of the top six are related to either the release of the NFL schedule or the NFL Draft. They aren't alone. The coverage of your fall drinking schedule is now on par with actual games you could watch right now—even though you pretty much had "six hours of the Red Zone channel" penciled in every Sunday anyway.


I know football fans don't want to hear about it and I'm not trying to deny them their nerdery. Enjoy your mock guessing and conspiracy theories. But there were five first-round NHL playoff games last night and three other NBA playoff games that you wouldn't know anything about if you get your news from the 9 a.m. SportsCenter. Baseball? Never heard of it. Meanwhile, someone carved a bust of prospect C.J. Spiller ... out of pepperoni. I'd say offseason football lust is getting a little out of hand.

Shouldn't we be more focused on current games, instead of theoretical discussions about matchups between teams that haven't even picked their sides yet? Stop living in the future and enjoy the now. You were so obsessed with growing up, that you forgot how to be a kid! Or something.


The important thing is that we not lose sight of what really matters here. Gambling. A schedule without point spreads is like a book with pictures. Sure, I can read it, but how do you expect me to learn anything? Have a little patience.