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Last Night's Winner: Kobe

In sports, everyone is a winner—some people just win better than others. Like Kobe Bryant, who has been in much worse jams than Tiger Woods and he's doing just fine now. Can you sink putts at the buzzer?

Bryant had his second buzzer-beating game-winner this month, beating the Bucks in overtime last night after scoring the last seven points of the game. This was a day after scoring 42 against the Bulls. Oh, and he has a broken finger on his shooting hand.


Hey, didn't he get in trouble with his wife once?

Eh, it doesn't matter now. The guy is a champion. Whatever he did couldn't have been that bad if no one can remember what it was. It was a nice shot after all. (The one from last night, I mean.) Being an amazing athlete has many advantages.

Honorable mention: Mark Mangino. $3 million to quit his job. And since we might not get to use this for awhile....


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