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Last Night's Winner: Non-Number One Teams

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In sports, everyone is a winner—some people just win better than others. Like Kentucky, who will soon be number one thanks to Kansas State, who took care of the last number one. Everyone comes out ahead! (Except Texas.)


Oddly enough, the No. 1 team going down was not an upset. Kansas State, which has surprisingly put together a nice little 15-2 record, was actually a home favorite last night. They have a 14-game home winning streak and a winning record against Texas. The student section even had the intestinal fortitude to restrain themselves from storming the court. So I guess this wasn't really a big deal at all. Why am I even talking about this?

Oh, right. Kentucky. They are the true beneficiaries here—unless you consider it a bad thing to be the only undefeated team left. Which it might be. I mean, every other undefeated No. 1 team has lost! Coincidence? Having 18 wins and the best player in the country hardly makes you the dominant team, right? (Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the definition of dominant?)

Long story short: Kentucky got screwed. I know that's confusing, but trust me on this.

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