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Last Night's Winner: Quarterback In A Bra!

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In sports, everyone is a winner-some people just win better than others. Like CFL QB Henry Burris, photographed wearing a bra, with a woman who's not his wife. Oh, and the pictures fell into the hands of the fanbase he spurned.


One of Temple University's most accomplished quarterbacks (not saying much, I know), Burris drifted around Canada, Europe, and a couple cups of coffee in the NFL before finally finding his stride with the Saskatchewan. But after a successful 2004 season, he bolted for Calgary, turning down the Roughriders' offer. He's forever hated in Regina, so that's why it was bad news for him when these photos started turning up on Roughriders message boards.

Burris went the only possible explanation route: it was a prank, you guys! I don't actually like to dress up in women's underwear, even if that's the only way to get with the redhead!

It was a birthday prank my friends ran on me," said Burris. "They blindfolded me and threw a bra on me. Then I took it off and surprise. Next thing I knew, it was that. I don't know why people are just getting them now. It was back in June."

He claims his wife knows all about this, which, well, I'm sure she does now. Saskatchewan fans have taken to Photoshop, replacing the woman in the photos with the Roughriders' mascot Gainer, as well as Burris' top WR target on the Stampeders.

With the season two-thirds over, and Calgary holding off Saskatchewan by a game for first place in the West, October 17 should be an interesting day. That afternoon, Burris and the Stampeders travel to Regina. Think there'll be a run on bras at Lane Bryant before the game?