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Last Night's Winner: The D.C. TV Guy Who Obliterated Dan Snyder On Air

Dan Snyder's legal action against Washington City Paper, publisher of "The Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder," has dominated D.C.-area news this week. Much has been said about Snyder, but Channel 9 sports anchor Brett Haber said it best last night.


Haber breezes through some casual insults in his opening line, calling Snyder "brash," "impatient," and "capricious" in his dealings with the Redskins, and then discards it as "his prerogative" — but the City Paper lawsuit, he explains, is "a classic case of bullying," of someone "stepping on the First Amendment rights of a legitimate news organization because he doesn't like what they say about him." Haber — who works in a news market that traditionally has been friendly to Redskins management — just brings the ether. It's Olbermann without the vainglory.

Commentary: Haber On Dan Snyder's Lawsuit [WUSA9]

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