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Last Night's Winner: The Rest Of The NFC North

In sports, everyone is a winner-some people just win better than others. Like Tarvaris Jackson's chances of starting, which look pretty bright since Brett Favre has hitched his latest comeback to the hopes of a long-shot college baseball team.

Favre was in Hattiesburg yesterday, giving a pep talk to his alma mater's baseball team, the Southern Miss Golden Eagles. He told them that if they make the College World Series, he'll return for another season with the Vikings. Okay, seriously, he's just fucking with us now.


Sure, maybe he and the Vikings would be better served if he just made up his own goddamn mind. And sure, maybe he should be banking more on the success of the ankle surgery he probably needs in order to play, but doesn't seem in a hurry to get.

But more than anything, he need to pick another team to have faith in. The Golden Eagles are coming off their first ever College World Series appearance, and are having a decent year at 31-20 (13-9 in conference). But they're behind perennial powerhouse Rice, and the oddsmakers' chances of them surviving until the final eight are not promising.

Now, of course we're reading too much into this. It was just a motivational speech to some kids (though it would have come off less selfish if he didn't involve himself in some way). And of course, that son of a bitch knew the media would be all over it. Once upon a time I would have blasted him for finding yet another way to make it into the headlines. Now I'm convinced he's just trolling everyone on purpose, and almost have to tip my hat to him.

Oh, and the pep talk worked. USM beat Memphis 9-3 last night, behind a complete game from star pitcher Scott Copeland.

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