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Ballplayer's Daughter Just Wants To Hear Her Late Father's Voice

Verlon "Rube" Walker was a career minor leaguer and a longtime Cubs coach before passing away from leukemia in 1971. His daughter Leigh Ann, who was just three years old when he died, has spent years searching for one thing: a recording of her father's voice, something she's never heard.


Keith Olbermann highlighted Leigh Ann's quest on his show last night, leading up to it by noting how omnipresent cameras are in today's sports world. Everything is recorded, and eventually sees the light of day. So how can it be that no audio seems to exist of Walker, who was part of the Cubs' "college of coaches" experiment in the '60s and served as bullpen coach until his death in 1971?

Skip to the 2:50 mark of the video if you just want to hear Leigh Ann's story. She's reached out to former players, media members, collectors, TV and radio stations, just searching for any scrap of tape, with no luck so far. If for some reason you can help, or know someone who can, you can reach Leigh Ann at her site,

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