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Thoughts while watching about three hundred shots of Brady Quinn's sister, Laura, during the Fiesta Bowl last night:

1. We kind of miss that TV show, Xena, Warrior Princess.

2. We thought A.J. Hawk was some sort of famous skateboarder. Apparently we're confused.

3. Brent Musberger is still alive? Wow.

You know, during her rounds on ESPN Cold Pizza and whatever other shows she was on over the past week, Laura Quinn should have been notified that her boyfriend and her brother would be on opposing teams in the same game. She seemed shocked by that fact on Monday, when Ohio State's Hawk spent more time cuddling Notre Dame quarterback Quinn on than he does, probably, on a typical night with Laura. We just wish Notre Dame's offensive line had done a better job of blocking, so that we didn't have to see so many cutaways of that awful half-and-half jersey.

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