LaVar Ball says ‘never sell’ AMC stock… but proceed with that guy's advice at your own risk

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Wall Street mastermind LaVar Ball
Wall Street mastermind LaVar Ball
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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you’ve probably seen the hype surrounding $AMC and $GME stocks.

People have actively been getting to “where the money resides” off these stocks. Some have even made millions while sticking it to Wall Street hedge funds who have lost billions of dollars off the rise of these stocks.

Now, LaVar Ball, arguably the loudest voice in the sports world is telling you to stay with AMC stock and not sell while Wall Street works tirelessly to manipulate the market and online brokers halt trading on these stocks.


The face of the Big Baller Brand is adamant that the company’s share price will rise. He released a video on his Cameo account calling for people to “never sell $AMC.”

Shares of both AMC and Gamestop are down more than 60% on Thursday afternoon after both skyrocketed in the past few days.

I wouldn’t advise regularly listening to Papa Ball about financial strategies. This is the same man who lost two of his own sons from his own company, when Lonzo and LaMelo decided to part ways with Big Baller Brand.


Yet, Ball might have a point here. This is a historic event that could go down as one of the most successful takedowns of the 1 percent. Professional investors, who had been betting on the demise of Gamestop and AMC, have lost billions of dollars in the last few days as retail investors banded together and pumped up the price.

No one knows when Wall Street and the 1 percent will end their revenge tour on the poor and middle class. But if retail investors can hold on to their head of steam, It could cause a major shift in the power dynamic between the super wealthy and middle class America.


And now we have LaVar Ball trying to help lead the revolution.

You can’t make this stuff up.