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Lawsuit Accuses Oscar De La Hoya Of Sexual Assault

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Former top-rated boxer and current chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions Oscar De La Hoya has been sued for sexual assault and battery by an anonymous woman in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The plaintiff says in her lawsuit that she was sexually assaulted by the promoter and ex-boxer in November 2017 when, against her wishes, he forced his fist into her vagina.

The lawsuit, filed Monday and provided to Deadspin by Jane Doe’s lawyer, says that Doe met De La Hoya in late 2016, and the two had a friendship that became sexual. The suit says that De La Hoya had specific kinks that Doe didn’t share, but they agreed that the sexual relationship could continue as long as he respected her wishes.

On the night that Doe says she was assaulted, the lawsuit says that she visited De La Hoya at his house, where he became more and more intoxicated. The lawsuit says that Doe was prepared to have consensual sex with De La Hoya. But De La Hoya began pressuring her to penetrate him with “a strap-on or other objects,” the lawsuit says. When she refused, the lawsuit says the following happened:

De La Hoya grew angry and frustrated at Plaintiff for refusing his requests and ultimately held her down with one arm while forcefully trying to insert his fist into Plaintiff’s vagina. Plaintiff repeatedly said no and demanded that De La Hoya stop. However, De LaHoya overpowered her and suddenly and forcefully pushed his hand and fist into Plaintiff’s vagina. Plaintiff screamed in pain and eventually squirmed her pelvis away from De La Hoya.

Shocked, scared, and in extreme pain, Plaintiff screamed at De La Hoya for his conduct. Despite her visible distress, pain, and anger, De La Hoya laughed and responded by repeatedly urging Plaintiff to take a shot of alcohol and to try wearing a strap-on or to use various objects on De La Hoya. Plaintiff refused and De La Hoya angrily left the room. Plaintiff collected herself and left De La Hoya’s residence in extreme shock and pain.

The lawsuit goes on to say that Doe went to urgent care for the swelling and pain, and was prescribed medication. She also went to a therapist and was diagnosed with PTSD as a result of the assault, according to the complaint. Her suit does not specify the amount in damages she’s seeking.

After a long and massively successful boxing career, De La Hoya remains a prominent figure in the fighting world as chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, which counts Canelo Álvarez as its most famous client. This is not the first time he’s been accused of rape in a lawsuit. In 1998, a suit filed in California alleged that De La Hoya, then 23, raped a 15-year-old girl in a hotel room two years prior. That case was settled out of court in 2001. The fighter has also spoken openly of his substance abuse problem, and has spent time in rehab. He was arrested and charged with a DUI in January 2017, but saw the charges dismissed a year later.

In a statement, Golden Boy Promotions denied the allegations in Jane Doe’s lawsuit, calling the suit “completely false.”


The full lawsuit is below:

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