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Lawsuit: Isaac Haas Knowingly Infected Woman With Chlamydia, Got "Off The Books" Medical Treatment From Purdue

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A lawsuit filed on Tuesday in Indiana accuses Purdue basketball player Isaac Haas of knowingly infecting at least one woman with chlamydia. In addition to Haas, who finished up his senior season in March, the suit also names Purdue University, whose doctors allegedly did not document Haas’s medical treatment, and a female associate of Haas. According to a letter from the woman’s lawyer in one of the lawsuit’s exhibits, she is seeking $1 million in damages.

The lawsuit, filed by Purdue student Alyssa Chambers, says that she and Haas had sex in May 2017. Haas allegedly told Chambers before the encounter that he had previously had chlamydia, but was tested and cleared. However, Chambers discovered soon after that she had been infected. In screenshots of text messages, said to be between Haas and Chambers, Haas is initially apologetic and mad at himself for not being careful enough:


Haas also blames PUSH, or Purdue University Student Health, for telling him that he was infection-free. At an unspecified later date, Chambers received what appear to be Twitter DMs from a person she didn’t know. That person accused Haas of knowingly infecting multiple women:

Chambers was also allegedly contacted by a former girlfriend of Haas, who told her Haas was lying. He had never been formally tested for or diagnosed with chlamydia, the ex said, but simply received medicine after telling a doctor he was showing symptoms.


According to the screenshots included with the filing, when Chambers confronted Haas, he accused the ex of wanting to “ruin (his) life,” and asked Chambers to try to convince the other woman not to go public. When Chambers proceeded to serve Haas with a notice not to delete any of his records, the woman reached out to her again. She told Chambers that she had heard about the order from “one of the coaches,” and asked Chambers to leave her out of it.


Aside from naming Haas, for infecting her, and Purdue, for allegedly allowing Haas “off the books” medical treatment, the suit also names the ex, alleging she either intentionally inflicted emotional harm on Chambers, or is trying to help Haas and Purdue coaches with a cover-up. (Deadspin is declining to name her because of the possibility that she was an unwitting victim.)

The full suit and its exhibits, obtained by the Purdue Exponent, are embedded below.


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