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Illustration for article titled Lazy Baseball Nicknames Helped The Reds Beat The Indians

The Indians suffered a pretty humiliating loss to the Reds Tuesday night, surrendering seven runs in the ninth inning for a 7-4 defeat. The fatal blow came from Joey Votto, who plated three runs with a bases-loaded double against newly entered right-handed reliever Dan Otero.


If you’re wondering why Cleveland manager Terry Francona sent in a righty to pitch to Votto, when Votto is hitting .332 against righties and .216 against lefties this season, you’ll be happy to know that there is an explanation, albeit a very stupid one. Pitching coach Carl Willis misheard a “P” for a “T.”

The AL Central is complete butt, so this miscommunication has no real consequences for the Indians. But still, let this be a warning for baseball people who stick to derivative monikers like “E-Rod” or “JV”: Have some creativity, or Tokki 2’s mighty bat will turn you into a loser.

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