Vai Sikahema is not a Jazz fan. But the two-time Pro Bowler (and one-time Jose Canseco opponent) is now a columnist for the LDS-owned Deseret News and has a suggestion for Utah's 12th overall pick: Jimmer Fredette. Sikahema's not alone there, but his line of reasoning might be unique:

I have a different reason for wanting to see Jimmer stay in Utah, and it has nothing to do with Jimmermania helping ticket sales or whether he can replace Deron Williams as the team's next great point guard.

Utah will probably use their third pick on a big man, their greater need as it's likely Jimmer will still be there at 12.

The reason I'd like Jimmer to remain in Utah is simple: he's still single. I'm told he's in a serious relationship with a BYU co-ed who will be a cheerleader next year. Good for him.

That "good for him" is passive-aggressive, not complimentary: Sikahema never again mentions Jimmer's anonymously sourced girlfriend. That's because Jimmer shouldn't stay in Utah for her. He should stay there for the better chances of finding any given "marriage-eligible, temple-worthy college co-ed:"

Jimmer could go to Milwaukee at 10 or Phoenix at 13, if the Jazz pass on him at 12. I played in both towns as a Packer and a Cardinal - there are more Saints in Phoenix so more YSA [Young Single Adult] wards, and there is a vibrant Institute at ASU. But neither Milwaukee nor Phoenix have as many YSAs as Utah.


Sikahema neglected to include the minor detail that Fredette's mother isn't Mormon or even consider the possibility that Jimmer doesn't want to get married yet. But after he slammed charges of discrimination against black athletes at BYU by pointing out that some other black athletes had possibly not been discriminated against, we weren't expecting anything too open-minded.

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