Welcome back to another weekend at the Deadspin Pub. The World Cup qualifying matches that interrupted club matches last weekend is in the rearview mirror, and now we can revert our focus back where it counts, on the thrill of domestic competition. Today we're featuring an English Premier League battle between Arsenal and Everton and you can bet your ass that Keeley Hazel is ready for some fun. I don't know about you, but when Keeley gets excited, I get excited. Aside from that the day is chocked full of interesting matches, including a tilt between Chelsea and Middlesbrough that's already underway. So wake up, get the crust out of your eyes and join along after the jump for all of today's fun. Match of the Day Arsenal vs. Everton at 10:00 am on FSC Okay, so it's not exactly the match of the century, but shit, it sure isn't bad. The Gunners have struggled to find their way at times, yet they clearly have the ability to dominate an Everton side on the right day. Arsenal's midfield is a bit depleted, especially if Cesc Fabregas is limited by the broken nose he suffered mid-week. Their reliance the 21 year-old Spaniard is not to be understated seeing as how he could be considered as an elder statesman of the group loaded with peach-fuzzed teenagers. Even if they do have flashy names like Theo Walcott (stop swooning). Other Televised Matches of Interest Middlesbrough vs. Chelsea at 7:30 AM on Setanta Chelsea will likely need all three points to keep pace atop the EPL, and they should get them, regardless of their injury concerns. Oh, and everybody has to be nice to Ashley Cole this week. He's still a bit traumatized from the booing he received last week while playing for England against mighty Kazakhstan. It's hard enough being called Ashley without everyone hating you so damn much. And really, what has the guy done wrong? I mean aside from throwing a hissy fit at Arsenal over a relatively small amount of money, allowing the Kazakhs to score on mighty England, and fucking around on Cheryl Cole (she's a national treasure you dipshit!). God, he better not fuck things up for Chelsea. Liverpool vs. Wigan Athletic at 9:45 on Setanta It shouldn't be too much of a test for the Scousers today, but next week they travel to Madrid for their Champions League match against Atletico and their horribly racist supporters. Werder Bremen vs Borussia Dortmund at 11:30 on GolTV I may not use a Krupps coffee pot or drive a BMW, but this Jew is perfectly capable of enjoying some German football. The Bundesliga's balance of power makes for excellent competition week in and week out. Manchester United vs. West Brom at 12:30 FSC Can other promoted team knock off another one of the big four? Possibly, but probably not here. Carlos Tevez has bemoaned his lack of scoring touch in recent weeks, but playing alongside guys like Berbatov and Rooney means you don't always have to be on point. Atletico Mardid vs Real Madrid at 2:00 pm GolTV Speaking of Atletico, they face a much tougher match in advance of their date with the Liverpudlians. Hopefully their fans can keep the banana waving and monkey hooting while UEFA is reevaluating the club's punishment. Initially the despicable actions of their supporters in a match against Marseille was met with a two-match home ban preventing the club from hosting a match within 200 miles of Madrid. That was recently lifted when Liverpool supporters with accomodations planned in Madrid threw a kinipshin at the news of the match's new venue. Napoli vs. Juventus at 2:30 pm on FSC Lyon vs. Lille at 3:00 pm on Setanta Espanyol vs Villareal at 4:00 pm on GolTV Aston Villa vs. Portsmouth at 5:00 pm (same day tape) on Setanta