LeBron Denies Forgetting Which Team He Plays For Now

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When you've worn the same thing 100 times a year for four years (athletes are like cartoon characters), you probably shove all the "who's on my team" decision-making to the reflexive part of your brain. So is it really so inconceivable that for one second, in the heat of the action, LeBron James thought he was still on the Heat?

On Saturday, in a preseason game in Brazil, James appeared to set a pick on his new teammate Matthew Dellavedova, springing old teammate Norris Cole.

LeBron says nah.

"For non-basketball people," James began with a smirk when asked about the apparent blooper before the Cavs played the Indiana Pacers in Cincinnati on Wednesday, "our coverage is for me to show and for Delly to go under me and we just didn't get the call right at the time. Delly was supposed to slide under me and we kind of ran into each other."


Dellavedova also says nah.

"My family sent me the link of it," Dellavedova told ESPN.com. "He just showed out and I just needed to go under. So, it wasn't really anything."


Well, at least their stories match up. A little too perfectly.