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As much as we loved the idea of LeBron James swooping from the heavens and lifting his team, all by his lonesome, into the conference finals and beyond, yesterday's easy win by the Pistons was pretty much inevitable. When you team is essentially just one player, and that one player scores only six points in the second half, well, signs point to no on that one.

True Hoop points out that this is the best thing that could happen to LeBron, since it gives him old-timer credibility for overcoming the obstacle of the best time in his time. But LeBron had us so excited that we were dreaming of the impossible, one man truly overcoming all. Now he will have to wait a year, until he has some better teammates, which, in a way, takes some control out of his hands. We have set the bar so high for LeBron that if he doesn't win NBA championships at the age of 21, all by himself, well ... it's just disappointing. Weird game we've got here.

But hey: Rasheed Wallace is happy, anyway. There's that.

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