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DAYUMMMMMMMM: King James didn't utter a peep when rumors about Delonte rogering his mom surfaced last summer, but one little item about the possibility of his love life receiving a Kim Kardashian upgrade and he flips out publicly.

You see, our favorite African-American all-caps gossip source, Media Take Out, hinted that Kardashian may have her eyes on LeBron James, by virtue of their sources and the visual evidence of Kardashian and her friend staring at LeBron's ass from their courtside seats. LeBron, in turn, Tweet-fumed over the item:


And, of course, the MTO's comments section approached the story from multiple angles to sniff out the truth.

"CRAZY JAMAL" is pro LeBron-Kardashian:


"The Departed" is very down on Kim's prospects as a decent human being:

If I was Savannah I'll slice Kim's pretty face the hell up with a dirty rusty box cutter for even thinking about taking Lebron.

Kim is such a slore it's ridiculous. I don't know why all these guys want to get with her since she's been smashed by so many men. Her p*ssy is beat up and old. Yes she's attractive but she is a complete homewrecking whore.

Kim , If this is true... Find your own man and stop chasing after a man with a
committed girlfriend and TWO CHILDREN!!!

""Thasmartchick" thinks Kim can do better, though:

He is ugly and looks like he stinks, she likes good looking men, but Ray J was ugly.


Good points, all of you. As usual.


Thanks for your continued support of this bottom-feeding endeavor, otherwise known as Deadspin. I'll be traveling to Indianapolis the next couple days to go receive my proper scolding on an esteemed media panel for how things are handled at this site. Chances are, I'll be answering more questions about Christine O'Donnell than Brett Favre's penis but tomato-tomatoe, etc.


Good night, friends. We'll talk soon.

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