LeBron James Is Above The Law

The second-best LeBron James highlight from Sunday’s Cavs-Lakers game might’ve been the ball-fake that sent two defenders scrambling, evacuating the lane for a no-look pass to Ante Zizic. In first place was this one, pointed out yesterday by a keen eye on Twitter:

LeBron traveling videos are a rich YouTube vein, and their comment sections serve as a museum of haters over the eras. You’ve got your brazenly doctored videos, your “crab dribble” classic, your conspiratorial lowlight reels fringed with deranged comments about the finer points of gather steps and hop steps and LeBaby paying off the refs. I’d trade 10,000 of those for one video of the dude taking a casual stroll up the basketball court, without a defender or whistle for miles.


h/t @Carnage4Five